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A unique synthesis of jazz, hip-hop, old school R&B and rock, Amittai Blakk conveys an unmistakable intensity and soulfulness that carries listeners to another place. Drawing from diverse influences, including Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Parliament Funkadelic, and Rare Earth, Amittai Blakk has forged a sound uniquely their own, and one that defies genre… A sound that follows no traditional rules. Through collaborative songcraft and seasoned, professional musicians, this 7-piece, Charlotte, NC-based band is already a must-see” live act. The first single, Levels, is an explosive and dynamic tour de force, poised to take college campuses by storm.


Hal Solomon 

Single: Levels 
Release: November 16, 2018 
Band Location: Charlotte, NC, USA 
Genre: Rock 

Lyrics: G. D'Voldre 
Music: G. D'Voldre, J. McGill, K. Lismon, Sr., B. Godette, J. Best, M. Huffman, D. Searles 


Amittai Blakk - Lead Vocals 
Big Teddy Fitz - Guitar/Vocals 
Koknosh - Bass/Vocals 
Brandon Godette - Drums 
Best Believe - Trumpet/Vocals 
Scooby - Organ/Vocals 
Daryll Searles - Synths/Vocals 


Recorded at Studio East in Charlotte, NC, USA 
Recorded by Tim Eaton 
Mixed by Zac Thomas and Amittai Blakk at The Jam Room in Columbia, SC, USA
Mastered by Zac Thomas at Fisheye Mastering in Columbia, SC, USA

ISRC: US-9BH-19-00001


V1st/ Momma got a bill

She want me to Pay


and my woman

Got a frown on her face


Cause she think

I forgot about our dinner date


I'm sorry baby

But I can't stay out too late


Hook/ I gotta roll

When the thunder

Calls me down


There's so many levels

When it comes

To wearing my crown

(Repeat 1X)


Hook./ Can you hear me now

Cont. Can you hear me now

Can you hear me now

Can you hear me now

(Repeat 1X)


V2nd/ My daddy called me

Over for a drink


Now my friends

Upset I didn't visit them


I can't be

In two places at one time


Thought I'd remind you

Cause I gotta catch you next time


Hook/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Bridge/ There's so many levels we gotta play

But it ain't no fun if ain't no funk in it

There's so many levels we gotta play

But it ain't no fun if ain't no funk in it


Hook/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~