The Love We Share

by Amittai Blakk

Released 2019
Tone Mecca Records
Released 2019
Tone Mecca Records
A sound that follows no traditional rules...
  • 03:30 Story Lyrics Fire and Storms

    Say you wanna be forever baby

    It could get a little rough

    I just wanna love you darling

    Just say yes...yeah


    V1st/Hope for the best

    Prepare for the worst

    Anything worth having in life

    Requires some kind of test


    Don't worry baby

    It's you and I


    Hook/We gotta go through the fire

    ...and some storms we didn't expect

    But that's the way it is

    So be careful what you say


    V2nd/Kisses to the sky

    No negative vibes

    Complexities of the enemy

    Will never steal our high


    No baby

    Cause we're on another level




    So you think you're ready

    Oh...for this BIG ride

    Look honey I got something special for you

    To make you come alive





  • 04:12 Story Lyrics Waterfalls in My Beard

    V1st/Streams of juices

    Quivering soul

    Tickling your fantasies

    Even in the

    In the cold


    Hook/Waterfalls in my beard

    I could go on for days

    The pain to pleasure

    Kama Sutra is insane



    The fight to climax is...


    Our union will face lots of...


    But I can't resist your...


    Lay down

    Close your eyes

    Feel my locs

    Slide across your thighs




    V3rd/Sweeter than honey...ooh

    Tasting you gives me strength

    There's power in pleasing you baby

    Spiritual ecstasy


    Break/I got this funk in me baby

    Down/ Yeah...and I'm gone stick it in you

    I got this funk in me baby

    ...and I'm gone stick it in you

    I got this funk in me 

    ...and I'm gone stick it in you 

    I got this funk in me 

    ...and I'm gone stick it in you

  • 02:54 Story Lyrics Really Bxtch?

    V1st/Silence is your gun

    Denial is your drug of choice

    Try to censor me

    Don't want this 

    World to be free


    Hook/Guess what I did for you

    Fuck it, huh?

    Remember what I did for you

    Fuck it, huh?

    Liberty is her name

    Fuck it, huh?

    Say what

    Really Bxtch?


    V2nd/No equality

    That's why the truth is hidden from me

    Was blind fear I'd learn

    Just who I 

    Really am




    Brothers and sisters

    The revolution will be televised 

    With no lies... but truth...

    That shadow that once scared us

    We're knocking that bxtch down

    For the righteous will win against the wicked

    Oh our native tongue reveals itself

    In the messenger

    The messenger who fear not to criticize evil and point it out

    That's right the tactic of divide and conquer 

    Will no longer be able to hide

    Oh no... love will take over

    The trick of deception 

    Will no longer be effective

    Awaken...Awaken thee...

    Do away with your hipocracy

    Yeah...our sweat and blood that built this nation

    There will be no future 

    If we're not the future now...



  • 04:28 Story Lyrics The Love We Share

    V1st/How can we end

    Our power

    When our unity screams love

    Volcanic veins

    Erupting showers yeah, yeah

    Our frequency flow



    Hook/ The love we share

    How long is forever?

    Baby please tell me how long...


    V2nd/When we said 


    We signed our names in blood

    Exotic views

    Shanty on fire yeah, yeah

    Vibrations glow



    Hook/Ooh...The love we share

    How long is forever?

    Baby please tell me how long...

    Repeat 1X


    Break/ Ooh....

    Down/Tell me how long

    Tell me how long

    Baby, baby, baby...

    Tell me how long




    Hook/Ooh...The love we share

    How long is forever?

    Baby please tell me how long...

  • 05:52 Story Lyrics So High

    V1st/I knew a girl name Dondon on my block

    She use to sell her body for crack cocaine

    I was never afraid to sit and talk to her

    One day I asked her how she felt

    She looked at me then said...


    Hook/I'm so high, I'm so high

    Wish I could stay and never come down

    I'm so high, I'm so high

    Don't want to feel this pain inside

    I'm so high, I'm so high

    Lost in a world I can't escape

    I'm so high, I'm so high

    One day I hope my soul reaches the sky


    V2nd/Acid sometimes take people on bad trips

    I knew an guy name John he never came back

    Got kicked out the band even lost his girlfriend

    Started shooting heroin in veins 

    Said to me I can't deal the pain




    V3rd/Anna was a very good friend of mine

    She moved to California to get away

    Went to a rave met a friend name ecstasy

    They had oral sex all through the night

    I wonder if Anna's soul reached the sky

    I wonder if Anna's soul reached the sky



  • 04:11 Story Lyrics Running Away with You

    Hook/Running away with you


    V1st/On tonight

    My darling

    Come take this ride with me

    Cause tonight 

    We party

    Dancing all in the streets

    Girl tonight

    We foreplay

    In the car cause we both are freaks

    Every time I always find myself

    Hook/Running away with you

    Running away with you


    V2nd/On tonight

    We're living

    In-love and in ecstasy

    Cause tonight

    We're sailing

    Feeling the ocean breeze

    Girl tonight

    We're cruising

    I'm holding you close to me

    Can't deny

    I always find myself


    Hook/Running away with you

    Running away with you


    3rd/On tonight

    Sweet baby

    Orgasms, rum, and weed

    Cause tonight

    Our bodies

    Will slow grind between the sheets

    Girl tonight

    I promise 

    To make your knees so weak

    I adore you

    ...and every chance I get I'm...





    Break/Oh....oh yeah, oh yeah

    Down/REPEAT 3X




    Hook/Running away with you

  • 04:27 Story Lyrics Clit

    Hook/When I kiss you on your “”

    When I kiss you on your “”



    Ooh girl

    Your is sweeter

    When I stimulate your mind and soul

    I know, I know, I know

    You love this tongue dance baby

    Your body trembles don't lie

    Cause you've finally found someone

    Who can give you multiples/ Over and over....

    Make you lose control/....and over again....

    Yeah/ Ooh baby


    Hook/When I kiss you on your “”

    Ooh when I put these lips on you 

    You'll understand

    When I kiss you on your “”

    All I wanna do is please you

    Please you baby...


    V2nd/Oh/ Ooh...

    You deserve it all

    Ooh...and so much more

    Flowers from the door massages and more

    Your cream I cherish

    I won't waste a drop

    Ooh...I'm the one

    Cause you've finally found someone/ Consistently loving you

    I can give it to your right/ Baby

    Every single night/ Oh baby, Oh baby


    Oh baby


    Hook/When I kiss you on your “”

    The feeling, the feeling of your fingers running through my dreadlocs

    When I kiss you on your “”/ mmmmmhhhhhh

    And those soft sexy thighs pressed against my head

    When I kiss you on your “”/ Ooh

    Turn on the red light cause you're my treat tonight



    Bridge/ And I'm so committed to satisfying only you/ When love comes around

    and I won't disappoint

    Girl you're all I want/ When love comes around

    And I promise you baby

    Yeah, yeah

    Yeah, yeah

    Yeah, Yeah


    Hook/When I kiss you on your “”


    When I kiss you on your “”

    Oh baby I need you to feel

    When I kiss you on your “”/ Oh baby I need you to feel

    That you are appreciated

    Ooh baby ooh baby

    Ooh baby ooh baby

    When I kiss you on your “”

Amittai Blakk — The Love We Share (2019)

A unique synthesis of jazz, hip-hop, old school R&B, reggae and rock, Amittai Blakk conveys an unmistakable intensity and soulfulness that carries listeners to another place. Drawing from diverse influences, including Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Parliament Funkadelic, and Rare Earth, Amittai Blakk has forged a sound uniquely their own, and one that defies genre… A sound that follows no traditional rules. Through collaborative songcraft and seasoned, professional musicians, this 5-piece, Charlotte, NC-based band is already a “must-see” live act, built to blow out an audience, and poised to take college campuses and festivals by storm.

The 7-song debut release, The Love We Share is an explosive and dynamic tour de force, merging impressive and accomplished musicianship with powerhouse vocals to forge an immersive auditory experience. Driving and insistent, original and experimental, the band tackles such universal themes as love, addiction, eternity and equality; all the while pushing the musical envelope — from bare-bones power to silky-sultry-sexy-smooth. Musically complex, lyrically poignant, and vocally dynamic; from start to finish, The Love We Share is a wild ride, but one that listeners will want to take over and over again.

G. D'Voldre, K. Lismon, Sr. , D. Searles, J. McGill, B. Godette

Music composed, arranged, and produced by AMITTAI BLAKK
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Gregoria D'Voldre for AMITTAI BLAKK PRODUCTIONS at Graffiti Hall Studios




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