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Stay Positive, Do Positive Things Today


I'm staying positive that everything will be alright. No matter what setbacks or expectation let downs. Regardless, I'm staying positive and doing positive things today/everyday to help myself and others. God Bless!!! 

An old rock n roll moment #amittaiblakk #tourlife

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9th Annual Queen City Awards - SUPPORT!!!


Please make sure you go out and support the 9th Annual Queen City Awards. I've won two awards in the past and my friend Kevan Glover (Founder/Owner) is a class act. For tickets visit:


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AMITTAI BLAKK - Sylvester Jones on Sax

AMITTAI BLAKK - Home Sessions 4

AMITTAI BLAKK - Home Sessions 3

AMITTAI BLAKK - Home Sessions 2

AMITTAI BLAKK - Home Sessions 1

Come Sunday - Rocking with the Carolina Panthers